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Tom served as a Marine and then worked for the Department of Justice. When he had trouble hearing his granddaughters, he knew he had to do something about his hearing loss. Hearing aids changed his life – and his wife’s life!

Medical problems damaged Nancy’s hearing. Her doctor suggested she investigate hearing aids. She got hearing aids with no out-of-pocket expense from DeRamus Hearing. To people with untreated hearing loss, Nancy says, “Please don’t wait. Every little bit of time that you wait is part of your life that you’re missing.”

As a teacher, communication was vital to Glenn’s career. When he couldn’t hear his students asking questions in class, he realized he needed to take action. His hearing aids have made a big difference and helped him better enjoy conversations – both scholastic and extra-curricular!

Faye learned that her Federal Employee Plan through Blue Cross / Blue Shield would allow her to get hearing aids at DeRamus Hearing Centers with no out-of-pocket cost. She uses two aids to get a more balanced sound. Now, she finds joy in hearing what’s going on around her.

Billy was going “crazy,” because he couldn’t hear! Getting hearing aids has made such a difference in his life. He says he was only hearing part of the conversation before, but now he can hear everything. He recommends that everyone with hearing loss “go to DeRamus and let them fit you up with some ears.”

As a preacher, our customer needed to communicate effectively. Seeing his friends in the NASCAR circuit get hearing aids encouraged him to investigate them for himself. After just three months with his new hearing aids, they have made a big difference in his life.

Our customer knew he had a problem hearing, when he was missing out on conversations with his grandchildren. Are you missing out, too? Call us at (334) 649-3526 to book your free hearing test. Don’t wait another day!

After 24 years as a Federal Employee, our customer realized she was having trouble hearing her coworkers. DeRamus Hearing helped her get hearing aids with no out-of-pocket expense. She says DeRamus took care of everything for her. “Easy in, easy out!”

Our customer waited a whole year after he realized he had hearing loss, before coming to DeRamus Hearing. He learned about his FEP benefits from a DeRamus advertisement. After using hearing aids for five years, he says there’s only one disadvantage to having them. Watch the video to find out what it is!

John worked on jet planes for years and developed hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). He says his hearing aids are “great – top of the line,” and they help a lot!

Our customer says qualifying for hearing aids with no out-of-pocket expense has had one great result: he can hear better! After 36 years as a federal employee, he was glad to learn that his FEP benefits could help him get hearing aids at DeRamus Hearing.

After spending eighty years living with hearing loss, our customer finally got relief when his sons suggested he get hearing aids. His advice to others with hearing loss? “Go to DeRamus and get some hearing aids!”


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